Monday, December 29, 2014

Texas Gold

I should remember titles and sizes. Really I should. But I don't. Know why? Because they don't matter past the sale of a painting. Weird, eh? 
A few years ago I noticed that paintings have had different names depending on where they were being sold, or when.  These were old school impressionist masters's works and the title wasn't set in stone, just kind of fudged from auction to auction.  

At first the realization that the names change from sale to sale took some of the pressure off of finding that perfect title, but then it turned into me not remembering most titles. Haha! Oh well. 

Anyhoo- this was a very different piece for me. South Texas oil country felt barren and bland compared to the Hill Country.
I ended up falling in love with the rust and the oddly gently swishing clicks and groans of the working pump jacks. It's very peaceful out there. 

I have yet to visit the area at night, or dusk. But looking forward to it!

Burning the midnight oil.

Midnight Oil
Uh... I can't remember the size. Smallish. 10x20 I think. 

Here's a little piece I started a while back. I liked the composition but it just wasn't working. The folks at the gallery gave me a great tip- have fun with it and turn it into a night painting! 

I did have fun! I even used one of the boys's toy tractors as a model for the one in the painting. Heehee! 

The greatest part of painting is letting go of the outcome. If it works, great. If not, great. The "failed" paintings give us a chance to try something new and different. And possibly break through a few mental blocks along the way. 

Every once in a while the results surprise us.