Saturday, October 18, 2008

The obsession returns...

So, here is what I have been doing lately. Not painting. Knitting.

It all started with the chill in the air. Brad and I were lamenting the fact that Soren does not have an earflap hat. I made one for Brad many many moons ago, and it keeps his noggin toasty warm. I was commissioned by the hubby to knit an earflap hat for the baby. How could I say no? I have been treating knitting like a guilty pleasure in the middle of all the ever pressing homework, housework, wifework, mommywork, and the "higher" art of painting. I love knitting. Its an addiction, I swear!

I finished the first hat in a jif. It was more of a skullcap for Soren than an earflap hat, so I tried again. I took measurements and everything... well, I took one measurement. I needed two more, but didn't realize it until after I lined it and everything.
A little pink stitched into the skullcap and voila! we have a teeny girl hat fit for a gift to the new baby in the family... coming soon to a hospital near you... December, I think.

Soren has been needing another hand-knit, super fantastic mommy sweater for this winter as well, and after starting over three times with the perfect hand-spun, hand-dyed, super- yummy-soft cotton yarn from Manos Del Uruguay (that I found in a yarn store sale bin five years ago) I am happy to say his sweater is coming along nicely.

I'm actually using a pattern this time.If you squint at it sideways with your tongue sticking out, you can just about make out the bottom edge of a sweater... (That big hole in the middle is where his torso will go.)

Luckily, the little man is just that- little. The sweater will go fast.

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