Thursday, October 29, 2009

Studio space and a new painting- WIP

Ok, so I am having some trouble with blogger right now and it is not letting me upload any more photos. This is Soren playing at the window in the fabulous studio space so graciously given by my loving Auntie Vick and Uncle Jeff! It is wonderful! Loads of light, a window that I can open to let in the fresh air, and its ok if I poke holes in the walls to hang stuff from because someone else has already done it.

The space came with a welcoming committee- a tiny stripey-tailed gecko. He was so cute- I took a picture of him and would live to share it with you, but I can't... as I mentioned earlier.

Oh! Another wonderful thing about this space is that my cousin's business and my Aunt and Uncle's business are all in the same building so I get to see people I like more often! How wonderful is that?

This is what I am working on right now. I have to admit, I have been struggling with it. Panic. I've been feeling panic. I've been working from that odd place of "will they like this." That doesn't work. I keep second guessing myself with every brushstroke, and I know- I KNOW that if I would just relax and do it the way I would like it, the piece would paint itself. No stress. No fussing. No questioning myself. I feel like I have moved a little too far away from my intuition and need to ground myself again.

I took a break this afternoon and did a headstand to try to see the piece from a different angle... and just to see if I could still do it. It felt great (just in case any of you get into a similar situation and are looking for an outlet, or a fresh view point). Oddly enough, I think it helped a little with the grounding situation... Maybe it was all the blood rushing to my head.

I have been thoroughly distracted lately. Pleasantly so, but it leaves my head spinning and sometimes I wonder if I will ever find a routine again. This past week has been a bitter sweet return to some familiar daily activities, but with any luck, Saturday will bring back the tummy twisting excitement of my oh-so-enjoyable distraction.

Back to business, I made a lot of progress on this painting today and aim to post another pic tomorrow. I hope to finish it very soon... we shall see.


Marian Fortunati said...

Congrats on your new studio space...

I honestly don't know what you are worried about... I ALREADY like it..

So good to see how you start out... Very interesting!!... Love the red.... love the trunks of those trees in the farground... It's gonna be GREAT!!

Sara Winters said...

Marian, I have banished it to the top shelf until I gain some clarity- I am seriously thinking about starting over. The location stinks, view point is like 3 feet off a road with fast cars, but i would dearly like to just go out there and try it again. I kind of wonder if the shoddy colors in the reference photo is throwing me off... Who knows. Thinking that if I don't look at it for a while maybe I will like it again. Thanks though!