Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One of my favorites

A while back, Nick and I were on a back road to Sandy, TX and we came across this bull pen. It was loaded with beefy, fat-headed Herefords (which looked kind of odd since the cattle everywhere else looked like stick figures because of the drought). I drove back about a week later and sat waiting for dawn. I took several hundred photos and used two. Haha!

I love the warm reflected light in the cool shadows of the bulls' faces.
I got to study contrast with this piece- lost and found lines, warm and cool colors, and light and dark values.

I would have been very happy to keep the Three Stooges, but they sold in the November show. They are where they are supposed to be, and I am grateful they have a wonderful home.

The Three Stooges
Oil on canvas panel

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