Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

It's official. Some of my favorite brushes are shot. Sigh.
Goodbye soon, dear friends! I will scrub my canvas with your sweet little carcasses for just a little while longer.... Until your replacements come in. Muahahahaha!

Getting new brushes is like getting a fresh haircut, or a new wardrobe! My business manager made a very good point. From now on, I am to have three or four back-ups of the brushes I use most so I don't have to fight stray bristles while waiting on the postman to deliver reinforcements.

Makes sense. But then, that's why I pay him the big bucks. Hahaha! I'm so busy thinking about everything but the tools I work with that I back myself into a corner, surrounded by splay-ended brushes and empty paint tubes.

Moral of the story, folks....

Marry a business minded person and the creative process suddenly has a backup system!

A very wise man told me:
"Behind every good artists is someone who knows what they are doing!"

Hahaha! I love it!


Grace | labor posters said...

New brushes mean getting used to them soon enough. Am I right? This is what I feel when I have new brushes, since I just love my previous one's.

Sara Winters said...

I get the same brushes I always use, the new ones are just not worn out. It's like having a fresh haircut, or wearing a new pair of jeans that fit right instead of the old ones with holes in the knees and a saggy bottom.
I am madly in love with Rosemary & Co's mongoose filberts. I tried all kinds of different brushes over the years and foun these to work best for me. I find that I need to replace my brushes, the ones I use most, every six months or so. Sometimes sooner.

heavy hedonist said...

Too true. I was reminded of this recently when my word-processing program stopped working for me...