Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fawn-Deux, W.I.P.

This should be interesting. Wildlife are not necessarily in my niche, but the colors and shapes were awesome, so I just have to paint this lovely little pair my husband and I came across a few months ago.

We shall see how it turns out.


Sharlette White said...

Oh Miss Sara, how I've missed seeing your serious side of painting with that whimsical touch! My daughter had her third child a year ago and I'm happy to say I ve been helping her, but I have been painting when I can!

Now that I have found you again, I hope to keep up!

And keep up the good work!

Sara Winters said...

Congratulation on your new grand baby, Ms Shar! (One year is still new.)
I just had a baby last Thursday! Haha!
I'll be up and running again soon. I have been staring at a painting I started a while back but didn't know how to finish. I may have it figured out.. We shall see!!'

Anonymous said...