Friday, January 4, 2013


I got a nice little stretch of uninterrupted time to paint.

"How?" You might ask.

Great question!
I plopped my little guy into the Ergo baby carrier, did a little bit of house work until he fell asleep, then painted until he wet his diaper. Haha! (He does NOT like being wet.)

This is just a start and the photo was taken with my phone. Probably pretty grainy. But still! The last time I got that much done I had to ask family to come 45+ minutes out of their way to help. God bless them for coming, but I feel bad about asking people to do things I know are very inconvenient.

The painting:
Don't have a title for this one yet. Hubby, the boys, and I stopped at a farm on the way to Sisterdale a few weeks ago and got a load of wonderful reference photos. The landowners are wonderful people.


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