Friday, September 19, 2008

National Talk Like a Pirate Day... I forgot till just now

Kamiak Barn
5"x7" oil on canvas

Well. I ended up on the dark side of the barn. Next time I will chose a spot that shows the light and shadow of the thing. Funny how I was on the dark side, but everything is a little washed out. The darker streak to the left of the barn looks like a shadow, but it was a streak of grass and small shrubs.

It was an interesting little barn that looked pretty much like a rectangle planted on sloping wheat fields. I was reminded why it is so important to mix the colors that are there, because this does not look like the scene I saw... except for the barn and the trees from Kamiak Butte. The light was gorgeous but faded fast. Next time I'll catch it!

This would have been a wiper, but I had fun doing it. And it was the first plein air painting I've done in ages. I like it by default.

And in case you other land lubbers out there be forgettin the greatest day o' th' year- today was indeedy National Talk Like a Pirate Day! So get out there and swash some buckles, batten down the hatches, and don't let your peg legs get tangled up in yer eye patches! Aaargh!

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