Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Painting with Wool... Octohat and Contemplating the Cosmos

Someone said that needle felting is like painting with wool.

I gave it a shot and it is! I absolutely love it! Functional, wearable, warm, cozy art. It is just brilliant.

The whole idea is to put wool on top of other wool and stab it a billion times with a very small, very sharp, barbed needle, entangling the two wools together forever. Sounds tedious but it really is fun. No, really!

And here is another not so wearable form of needle felting. He is called Contemplating the Cosmos...

The hair was the most difficult bit. I was originally trying for a "cleaner," funky sort of coiffure but it got wilder with every jab. So I decided to just go with it. Now he has a mess that lies somewhere between Hobo and Dirty Hippie. It really is soft though. He must wash it, but never used a brush in his life...

He weighs 10 whole grams and sits about 5 inches tall from his bottom to the tippity-top of his messy hair. He will be on Etsy before long.

I had so much fun with this one that I started another and am itching to get another going at the same time.

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felinity said...

I came here via your hat entry on ravelry and am totally inspired by your needle-felting, I definitely have to try it. And you contemplative little dude is BRILLIANT!