Monday, January 5, 2009

Socks on a Chicken

Socks on a Chicken
16" x 20" Oil on Canvas

Ta-Daaaaa! He's finally finished. This one had some washes, which I do not normally do, but I like how it turned out. And guess what?!?!?! It was fun to paint! Holy cow!

I just put in an order for some new paint... Ooooo! I'm going to play with some Cobalt blue and a different red. I usually use Ultramarine blue, but am having trouble getting a really vibrant blue.

Several years ago I painted a picture of my father-in-law's Boston terrier, Princess Priscilla Pe-pe (pay-pay), and used Cobalt blue and white for the light parts of the dog. I really liked the look of it, but was soon distracted by landscapes and forgot all about that lively blue.

I have been trying to find pictures of that painting because I really liked it at the time, but I cannot find any. I would have loved to show it to you. It was similar to this one in ways. She was sitting on a gaudy throne-like chair, but I don't remember much more of it. Funny how a painting can be all-encompassing while in progress, but send it off into the world and it is quickly forgotten.

I haven't seen it since it went to its new home. I wonder what I would see in it now that I didn't see then.

Time and distance have a way of showing us the reality of things.... or just blurring them out in our memories until they are gone.


Madame Purl said...

This is beautiful. I love how "Socks on a Chicken" turned out. I love colors and find it so inspiring to look at. It makes me feel creative.

Courtney said...

I really love the "feel" of this painting. The colors, the depth from the washes (I'm guessing here), the spirals, the everything! Looking back through your blog and on your etsy and I'm hooked! Going to keep my eye on you missy. ;-)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

This is charming. It made me laugh. It's beautifully done!