Friday, January 30, 2009

WIP- Boat

I am mostly packed.
The house is still a mess because I couldn't say away from that lovely lovely red!

I fell in love with this boat the minute I saw it. I wish I knew why it was being worked on. Its like seeing a beached whale, but with a happier ending because this particular leviathan will return to the water in better shape than it was before. I sat for an hour or so and drew it in my sketchbook the day I took the reference photo. It was the perfect time of day when the shadows were nice and long, and everything had a very distinct highlight. "The Golden Hour" they call it. I'll have to find the sketch and post it.

Funny thing- I am really enjoying that street lamp on the right side of the painting. I thought about leaving it out because I thought it was ugly, but that would not have worked at all. It helps balance the painting.

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