Friday, September 30, 2011

Yes! We have green!

We had a cold front come through, and I paid for not taking a painting sweater with me this morning. I shivered for a while, and decided to paint from the back of the car with the picnic blanket draped over my shoulders for warmth. It was seventy six degrees. Hahaha! I love Texas.

We have been getting some good rain over the past week and sprigs of fresh green grass are perking up all over the place. This is one of the greenest views I have seen in a while!

Goat Creek Road
Oil on canvas panel
Available through Whistle Pik Galleries.


martinealison said...

Ah la la! Lorsque le plaisir de peindre est plus fort que le froid... on obtient une toile forte et chargée d'émotion...
Gros bisous

Samantha said...

Beautiful artwork. I look forward to seeing what you show next.

Ajit Bhandari said...

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