Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We drew names for Christmas this year, and I got my mother-in-law's, Sylvia, in a round about sort of way.... Nick and I traded, Hahaha!
I went out to the folk's place a couple of times trying to get some reference photos of one of Sylvia's horses, but kept coming up with duds.
Then Nick mentioned Bo, who has been gone for years. Apparently, some lucky people get a "once in a lifetime" horse, and Bo was Sylvia's. So, we hung out one evening until Sylvia went to sleep and John, my father-in-law, and Nick started digging up picture after picture of Bo.
I chose two of this location in Missouri with John and Sylvia riding Bo and Jolie, and combined the subjects and background.

I like how it turned out!

Walkin' On Water
Oil on canvas panel


martinealison said...

Une très belle peinture... Une grande puissance de couleurs et de mouvement.
Gros bisous

Nancy Goldman said...

This is such a beautiful painting, Sara. I love the brushstrokes and the colors you've chosen.