Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WIP - reflections

Moving along.... slowly.... I've been a bit more sleep deprived than normal over the past couple of days, so I have been hesitant to paint much while my judgment is impaired.

I like this painting.

The boat in the foreground has been giving me trouble, though. Hmmm...I see another issue I didn't notice before. The blue band on the side of the boat is wavy. Slightly, but it shouldn't be that way. Should be more or less straight. Glad I saw that. Now I can change it.

I really like how the background mess turned out. It is just a bunch of irregular shapes, but they take the chaos out of that part of the painting. If you look back to my other recent boats at a dock painting, Port Townsend Boats, you can see how I fudged the background. Looks sloppy. I thought it was fine at the time. Wow! That was just 6 months ago. I love seeing improvement. Hurray for progress!

I think I am going to have to do Port Townsend Boats again. Maybe larger this time, and with more meat on it!

Sometimes I wonder if painting is like riding a bicycle. You may feel shaky after not coming in contact with it for a while, but you never really forget how it is done. Before I went on my baby sabbatical I was coming to a point where I felt comfortable making the brushstrokes and placing the colors where I wanted them. Then I stopped painting for what felt like an eternity. Now I paint, and it feels like my hands and eyes are waking up. Remembering something forgotten.

Its nice. Its like waking up from a wonderful dream and remembering some of the luscious little details.

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