Monday, August 24, 2009

Colorado Storm Clouds

Colorado Storm Clouds
16" x 20"
oil on canvas
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I really enjoyed this painting! This was from another of my fabulous stash of reference photos from that glorious rainy sunset. I was trying to decide between a photo of boats in the water, but this one won out. I enjoyed the more subdued colors in this photo.

The funny thing about cloud paintings is how they look like a big fat stinking mess until right before they are finished. I learned a while back not to freak out about the pig sty on my cloudy canvases until it is all over and done with. I wiped several paintings before learning that lesson.

I am trying to concentrate on composition. I've been reading, and the almighty "they" seem to agree that the key to a good painting is a good design. Food for thought.


Pettinari said...

Very succeeded! the way in which the distances are based with the sky gives to your painting a true impression of vastness! Cheer.

Marian Fortunati said...

Saw it on FB but had to look again on your blog....
This painting is REALLY beautiful, Sara!!!

Karen Hargett said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the comp - very nice. Now if I could just ask you to send some rain my way I'd be very appreciative ;-)

Randy Saffle said...

Sweet painting! Love the juicy, thick paint. Great job.

Greta Michelle Joachim said...


Sara Winters said...

Thank you Pettinari, Marian, and Greta!

I would love to send you some rain Karen, unfortunately, the reference photo was taken years ago. We are in a huge drought in central Texas. Hey! Maybe if we all paint pictures of rain we will get some... kind of like an artist's rain dance.

Thanks Randy- I'll be starting some huge cloud paintings in a few weeks and am spastically excited about it!