Saturday, August 8, 2009

Texas Windmill- testing, tesing 1,2,3

Texas Windmill
6" x 12"
oil on canvas

Oh joy! I have been trying to learn a new program (Aperture 2) and I have made a breakthrough. I can now adjust a photo, and then (hold onto your hats!) POST IT ON MY BLOG!!!! WOOOAAAAH!

Sounds simple, I know, but I totally underestimated the differences between a Mac and a plain ol' PC. I will never go back. NEVER, I TELL YOU! The only thing I really miss is the "end" button, and the right click... I think I saw something in the manual about that- I'll have to read it again.

So to the painting... This is a sweet little plein air piece I just love. (I'm setting it aside as another option for the Whistle Pik show. I like it that much.) The windmill and water tank are situated right next to a farmhouse surrounded by fields, hay bales, barbed wire fences, and a few clumps of cacti. As soon as the cactus fruit are plump and purple I am going to pick some and eat em! Beautiful views and tasty fruit. Life is good.

I may need to retake the photo. Its a bit washed out.
This is a test of the emergency blog post system.... this is only a test.


Marian Fortunati said...

FUN POST... Love your sense of humor!!
I really like the way you must start your plein air pieces with a red ground.... It makes them sing!!

labrown said...

Nice Sarah! Since you are jumping into the tech side, I have found that a decent flatbed scanner is great for small paintings. Just put it on the scanner and done! The color reproduction is great too. Just an FYI.

Vern Schwarz said...

Great painting Sara. I myself have felt your joy with a conversion to Mac. There is a right click setting, (which I use). I guess years and years of using a PC make it hard to break from all the habits, but I like the quick simplicity of right click.

Greta Michelle Joachim said...

Really enjoyed reading your post. It's my first from you since I just started to follow and I am looking forward to the others.
I also like the painting. The red really makes it stand out.
I hope you'll paint the cactus fruit before you eat it.

Laurel Daniel said...

Sara - so glad to find you back at it. You must be getting settled back in and we're glad you are here! All of these last posts are just delightful. Love your style!