Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Domino Parlor

The Domino Parlor
24" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

Ahhh! Finished! Now its on to the next one. Yeehaw!
(Please excuse the glare, it is still very wet.)

I was a little nervous about all those straight lines, but my anxiety disappeared as I let go more and more of having to retain control of the outcome of the painting. And THAT my dear friends is the secret, at least for me, of getting into "the zone." Let go. Relax. Take a deep breath. In the words of our darling Jason Mraz, "hold your own, know your name, and go your own way." Trust the inner self.
I am merely a channel for creativity, and when I let it have its own way, when I put my trust in the unseen muse- he/she does all the work for me. Man, life is good!

Kind of off the subject but not really, I picked up a print of a Juli Adams's watercolor piece, "Internal Compass," many years ago and loved it. I was way out of tune with my own intuition at the time, but the idea and the painting both appealed to me. I love that painting. Her work has changed a lot since then, but I still love it. It has progressed into a quirkier style that really resonates with my imagination. Juli could create whole Alice in Wonderland type universes with the dreamlike and slightly depraved innocence of her subjects. Oh, I love her work!

Back to the main... Fun painting. I really enjoyed it.

Next stop: landscape central! I would like to do some more architectural pieces as well... As soon as the weather warms up just a bit I am going back onto Main and to Sycamore to paint some more of our adorable town's history!


Anonymous said...

This is just exquisite ~ both the subtle, glowing color and the brush work!

DALSING said...

Love your work, Sara.

Lokelani Forrest said...

This is great. When it was all red, I wondered how it would finish up. Fantastic. The red underpainting certainly added to the completed piece.

Marian Fortunati said...

Seems like you can paint ANYTHING.... Your architectural pieces are amazing!!

martinealison said...

Avec toute mon amitiƩ.
I left an award for you, on my blog

Sharlette said...

sara, I miss you posting more of your paintings. I am coming down to Austin week after next to visit my grandbabies and maybe take in some art exhibits if there are any. Keep painting. I love your work and it is so inspiring...

essayer said...

Your work is just amazing... very inspiring.. :)