Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Passion for Painting Award!


Today Vicki Shuck, a fantastic artist and fellow Pacific Northwester, nominated me for the Passion for Painting Award. How fun is that! I am honored! (I have been following her blog for a while now and love her work- follow her link, its worth your time!)

The ways this works is that I name 7 things I love, which are:

1. my brilliant husband and incredible son,
2. painting inside,
3. painting outside,
4. planting things,
5. thunderstorms- especially if I get loads of reference photos so I can paint them!,
6. the Pacific Northwestern Coast with its dramatic cliff sides and windblown, distorted trees and that wonderful life-giving salty air (I need to fill my lungs with it every once in a while),
7. and spending time with my mom, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins (a.k.a the rest of my family)- I pity everyone else in the world for not having the family that I have.

Next, I have listed seven, plus one, of the many artist's blogs I follow -because I really admire their work. Check them out!

-Sandra Flood
-Karen Appleton
-Kerri Settle
-Carol Nelson
-Deborah Paris
-Jeffrey Boron
-Liz Holm
-Julie Beck

I could have easily listed another fifteen...

IF YOU ARE TAGGED, should you desire to keep this going, you are asked to name and link to 7 others whose work you admire and let them know about it, list 7 things you love and put a link to the person who tagged you.


L.Holm said...

Congratulations, Sara, well deserved! And thank you for including me in your honored! I like the changes to The Karsten.
You're blessed indeed to have a wonderful family, and they're lucky to have you!

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you, Sara. I'm so glad I found your blog - you are such a fabulous talent in your own right. I love your boat paintings - I think there are only about 10 boats in Colorado.
Your Port Townsend II is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again, and glad to know you!

Kerri Settle said...

Thank you so much Sara for including me! Seeing your process recently has inspired me to paint some more boat scenes, and I think your work is really up there in talent. I've mentioned you in my latest post and hope it helps others to discover your talent.