Thursday, April 9, 2009

WIP - a bit more

Coming along... I just saw something I need to change. Man! Blogging is helpful! This is the first painting that I have pretty substantial reflections from the water appearing on the boats. This is a new challenge. I like it so far.

Lettering is hard. It has to be just right otherwise it looks sloppy and awkward. Talk about awkward- awkward is one of the most awkward words I have ever seen. Good fit.

My lettering on the Phalarope needs a bit more work... the beginning of the word hangs down further than the rest. .... hmmm...


L.Holm said...

Coming along beautifully! I agree with you about lettering. It's so tricky. It either needs to be illegible and barely indicated, or exactly rendered. Looks good so far! Very exciting to see light ripples on the boat hulls. You rock, Sara! :-)

Marian Fortunati said...

WOW... this is really terrific!.. All of the reflections AND the lettering are wonderful.
I stumbled by from your comment on Michael Naples' blog .... Glad I came. I'll be back!!