Monday, May 25, 2009

Multitasking: Completed Castle, another plein air painting, and Kreativ blogger.

Castle on Anderson Road
11" x 14"
oil on canvas

Woohoo! Finished! I fought with the fence for a while- scraped it three times. Finally I daubed some paint down and holy-pamonie! it looked like a fence. How did that happen!?

Thank you little painting elves.

Sunset Cloud Study
6" x 8"
oil on canvas board
Click here to purchase.

I got to paint outside again last night! I ended up with this high key painting of the view from the parking lot in front of the apartment. I wasn't chasing shapes this time. I sketched out the basic design first and then went with it.

And, thank you Jared Kelly for passing the Kreativ Blogger award on to me. I will happily pass it on to seven other people whose blogs I really like. Check them out- it is worth your time.

Marian Fortunati
Laurel Daniel
Liz Holm
Perry Brown
Dana Cooper
Lee Brown
Rick Nilson
Terry Miura

So that was eight... I can't count.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Thank you Sara for the Kreativ blogger award! I am so flattered to be in the company of 7(!) other artists that I respect and admire!!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

p.s. The elves were good...your Castle painting is incredible, good for you for sticking with it!

Rick Nilson said...


thanks for the award. I am in pretty accomplished company here. I am still working my sky potatos. Interesting piece of architecture with or without a fence.

Kerri Settle said...

That castle is awesome and your painting captures the quirkiness of it. When you're done with those painting elves, please send them my way...

L.Holm said...

LOL. Those elves are magic. (does one happen to be short and blond and smiley??)
Fence looks great, and this place is completely wild. I'm really impressed that you made it 'readable' in paint, and beautiful.
You very much deserve this award, and thank you for passing it on. am honored. :D

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Sara--I love the castle--it's an interesting painting of an interesting subject! Thanks for sharing!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Sara, I just found your blog through Frank Gardners Followers. You really have a wonderful style and feeling in your work. I love the castle and will send a link to my sister who lives in WA. Your husband is super to race home and take over the childcare when he sees great clouds!

Dick Rink said...

Great Castle! Any idea where I can get those little painting elves?

Trish Siegel said...

'Absolutely adore the castle painting!

Sara Winters said...

Ok, so I learned something this week. I just noticed that not everyone I have tried to send replies to gets them. Rick, yours is one of them. I've been diligently replying to every comment and some of you haven't received a single one! I am so sorry!

I left a note out last night for the painting elves, asking them if they would be so kind as to spread the love. If they don't show up within a week, let me know and I'll try the Santa appeal- milk and cookies!

Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Again Sara..
Just wanted to thank you again for the Kreativ Blogger Award.
I posted a thank you and know all who visit will love to see your work as I do!!

Gwen Bell said...

What a fantastic painting! I want to go to there.