Monday, May 18, 2009

The picture from Anderson Road - WIP

Doodling on a painting's packaging is really turning out to be a great thing. I did this one last night and started the painting today.

This is the first sketch. I didn't like it. Way too centered. So I wiped it and sketched again.

I like this one much better.

This is a real building. It is a bunch of rusted scrap metal pieced together to make an incredible little castle on the hill. - I see a washing machine door, car door, three iron head/foot boards, what looks like some sort of giant drill head, and all kinds of other things I couldn't name even if I wanted to. I saw the tip top of one of the little towers from the road and fell in love with the place.

Its really cool.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What an interesting subject. I love the drawings, so I know the painting will be wonderful!

Sharlette said...

Sara you are inspiring me so.. I just wish I could get into painting again....And I have no excuse.. no children at home a housekeeper, a job in which I only work 7 hours a day...PROCRATINATION deluxe

L.Holm said...

What a funky place. Your ink sketch is fantastic. Like the shift in comp.