Saturday, May 9, 2009

Plein Air and Chocolate - Its a Good thing.

Lazy Daizies
8" x 10"
Oil on Canvas Board

I had a good painting session today!

I picked up a box of chocolates on the way out of town, which was something of a big deal for me because I hadn't had chocolate (or anything else with even the slightest bit of caffeine in it) in almost three years. Count 'em- three.

I enjoyed my chocolate. And I enjoyed painting. I am attributing some of my success today to the chocolate. It may become a part of a weekly plein air routine... But then I will have to start hiking to my painting destinations to burn off the extra calories.

Three out of four of the sketches in this picture are now paintings. The lower left one is today's sketch. You might recognize the top two...

I really liked the curl of yellow flowers on the hillside and wanted to make that the center of interest. I had to nix a tree and move the purplish shrub over to the left a bit. Good ol' artistic license!

I was painting out of the back of my 4Runner so I and my canvas were in shade, but everything else in front of me was washed in glaring sunlight. I had trouble seeing the colors on the canvas. I didn't like the painting until I got home and had a chance to see it in even lighting.

All I can say is "Yippee!"


NoNo said...

Hello! I find your blog on Liz Holm Paintings. I like very much your paint, the color palette and the tip of the chocolate ; )

L.Holm said...

hurray for chocolate! (wish I didn't love it so much myself). Beautiful painting, Sara, and i like seeing your preliminary sketches.

Julie Beck said...

this painting is gorgeous!!!!

Kerri Settle said...

Wow, it's a stunner. The tree on the top of the hill really brings it all together. I think you should make chocolate part of your daily painting routine! (I just discovered the chocolate mini wheats cereal and have been snacking on that all week; it hasn't done anything for my art but my taste buds are happy.)

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Hi, I was just stopping by seeing what you had new and love them all. Your sketches are fun seeing also.

Rick Nilson said...

Yeah, it's a good thing!